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Window to the bench - IT collection campaign


Window to the bench - IT collection campaign

As part of a joint action between  Chain Reaction and Invisible School, we collect and distribute digital devices to children in need so they do not lag behind their classmates during the pandemic. According to a recent study , it is impossible for every fifth child in Hungary to join digital education due to a lack of IT tools. These children are currently receiving the curriculum on paper, which they would have to complete without any help. We would like to provide IT tools and internet access to 300 children in 20 settlements in the first round, later we would like to further.

We are looking for IT tool offers from companies, as well as donations offers from individuals. We collect new digital devices or ones that are in good condition (laptops, tablets, mobil, internet devices, headsets). Monetary donations are used to purchase new devices and mobile internet subscriptions, as well as the covering cost of transporting the devices.


IT tools are assessed and distributed by community organizers working in the field with local schools and with the Civil College Foundation. We organize the transfer of donations to the families, and our volunteer mentors also help the families set up and use the IT tools.

The campaign process



We assess needs via after school programs and community organizers and we publish them on an ongoing basis


We deliver the equipment to the settlements, where school workers and the CCF’s community organizers, who know the families well, will distribute them.

Assistance in using the tools

Our volunteers will help the families set up the machines via phone and teach them how to use them

Hundreds of children are gaining back the opportunity to learn - in the digital space

We deliver equipments to the settlements, where the CCF's community organizers distribute them.

We collect funds and donations from companies, as well as donations from



Who are we?

Chain reaction

We are a project team of community organizers from the educational, social, ecclesiastical fields, and also communication and donation specialists. We have now set aside our long-term project goals, putting our knowledge at the service of direct help to mitigate the social effects of the coronavirus.


The Chain Reaction project is implemented in collaboration with the Civil College Foundation and the Chance Labor Association.

Invisible Study - Rosa Parks Foundation

Rosa Parks Foundation' aims to help disadvantaged children, especially Roma children, so they can start their primary school studies by providing good quality education to them. We support the educational progress of children with a network of volunteer mentors, by skills development group sessions, colourful cultural and leisure programs, and we provide help and information to the parents of the children participating in the program as well.


We know the right opportunities for disadvantaged families and children, and we know exactly what it means in this current situation if a school-age child does not have access to a suitable digital device. That’s why we joined the Window to the Bench campaign as a professional partner and help keep in touch with the schools in the process.


Invisible Tanoda

The voice

Our team of social workers, programmers, NGO developers and communication specialists was formed two years ago. As a petition platform, we have organized a number of social campaigns both online and offline. We continue to represent and support groups in many diverse cases, but since the outbreak of the pandemic, we have also had to focus on direct assistance. In the first period, we raised more than 6 million HUF for the Hungarian Red Cross, and in the coming weeks, in cooperation with the Civil College Foundation, we will provide direct assistance to vulnerable communities further on. We are people working with digital devices and we want as many kids as possible to do that as well.

We help to them
Közösen Nógrádért
Ág Szegényekért
Nógrád Megyei Cigány Kisebbségi Képviselők és Szószólók Szövetsége 
XXI. Századi Roma Nők Országos Egyesülete
Láthatatlan Tanoda
Csodaműhely Egyesület - Csobánkai Tanoda
Igazgyöngy Alapítvány
Motiváció Oktatási
Nem Adom Fel Kázsmárk Egyesület
Romama Szociális Szövetkezet
Haladjunk Aktivista Csoport - Tiszavasvári
Pátkai Tanoda
Szegényeket Támogató Alap (SZETA) Egri Alapítványa
Együtt Másokért Olaszliszka Ifjúsági Közösség


Possibility of monetary donation (for companies and individuals):


Are you currently unable to contribute any devices, but still think it is important that children all over the country have equal opportunities in taking part in digital education?


Help the campaign with your donation!

Any amount you donate will be used to purchase IT tools or peripheral devices (chargers, mice, headsets, etc.) and delivering them.


Our organization also accepts donations by bank transfer to the bank account kept at OTP Bank:

Civil College Foundation

OTP 11701004-20165888

In case of international transfer:

IBAN: HU91 1170 1004 2016 5888 0000 0000, SWIFT: OTPVHUHB
(Please indicate the following text in the notice section: "Donation".)

If you have any difficulties, write to us at szabados@cka.hu and we will help you!

1000 HUF - Our volunteers can teach 3 families how to use the IT tools

5,000 HUF - We solve the Internet access of a family

10,000 HUF - We solve a monthly internet access for a family

20,000 HUF - A child can get a tablet

40,000 HUF - We can help a family in need with a laptop




Office: 1071 Budapest, Damjanich utca 52. 4/1.

Headquarters: 6090 Kunszentmiklós, Kunbábony 37/2

Phone: 36 1 788 36 32

Fax: 36 1 788 36 32

Email address: info@cka.hu

Our tax number: 18070008–1–03

Office map:

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